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Business IT Equipment Recycling & Disposal

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Dynamic Asset Recovery

Go green and dispose of your redundant IT equipment with confidence

Any piece of equipment which is used in the home or workplace and has as an element of its internal workings printed circuit boards, micro processor controls and similar control elements are all subject to Waste Electronic & Electric Equipment legislation (WEEE). This legislation was introduced onto the statute books in 2007 and has been put into place to encourage recycling of redundant electrical equipment and of course the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of all those gadgets, non essential and essential pieces of modern technology we are all told by advertising that we cannot do without and which are now surplus to requirements.

Why is recycling and safe disposal of electrical equipment essential?

Safe disposal of equipment which has onboard any of the aforementioned is an essential element in the control of pollution and the prevention of environmental damage, whether that damage is potentially to plant life, animal life or indeed human life. The accumulative effects of pollution can be seen in many areas of the world, much to the detriment of the local population, wildlife and landscape.
Printed circuit boards and other internal elements of electrical equipment contain heavy and toxic elements including but not limited to arsenic, bromine, cadmium and mercury; placed in landfill sites these elements and heavy metals will eventually leach into the ground with the potential of contaminating ground water supplies and if unchecked will filter through to animal life, plant life and at the end of the food chain human beings.

Okay, if this is an issue here can I take my electrical waste?

Business users are no longer permitted to take their waste to local authority drop off points and waste collection and recycling centres; however, business owners have a duty of care to ensure any electrical waste generated is disposed of safely and securely and non compliance leading to potential fines levied from subsequent prosecution by the environment agency. Environment Agency licensed carriers and brokers all of whom will undertake to dispose of electrical waste safely using licenced recycling facilities should be used at all times to facilitate safe disposal of any industrial and/or commercially redundant electrical equipment.

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