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What is WEEE and how does it affect your business operation?

WEEE is the acronym of Waste Electronic & Electric Equipment which came into force in 2007 and under which all electrical equipment is classed as a controlled substance and/or waste; typically this can and does include although not limited to computers, laptops, phones, mobile phones and other hand held devices, washing machines, refrigerators, power tools […]

How do Inkjet Printers Work?

Although inkjet printers were first mass-produced in the 1980s, it was only in the 1990s that prices dropped low enough for that technology to be brought into the mass consumer market. Canon claims to have invented what it calls ‘bubble jet’ technology in 1977, when a researcher accidentally touched an ink-filled syringe with a hot […]

What is a Corporate Audit?

Sarbanes Oxley and Corporate Auditing A corporate audit is an examination of financial or operational procedures at a corporation. Audits may be conducted by an internal or external corporate auditing team, and they can serve a variety of functions. While many people think of audits by tax authorities when they hear the word “audit,” corporate […]

Cloud Computing Made Simple

iCloud what’s it all about? iCloud is a cloud service from Apple Inc. announced on June 6, 2011 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The service allows users to store data such as music files and automatically sync between multiple devices such as: iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macintoshes and personal computers. It also replaces MobileMe, […]

What Are Lead Acid Batteries? What’s In Them? What Are They Made Of?

Lead acid batteries either start or power cars, trucks, buses, boats, trains, rapid mass-transit systems, recreational vehicles and electric wheelchairs all over the globe. The car battery also provides a stable electrical supply to a vehicle’s electrical system. During power outages, lead acid batteries provide quiet, pollution-free emergency power for critical operations such as air-traffic […]

What is an LCD or Plasma TV?

CRT or TFT what is the difference? CRT technology or Cathode Ray Technology has been around for decades the earliest version of the CRT was invented by the German physicist Ferdinand Braun in 1897 From mono though to Colour.

What’s Best? LPG, Petrol or Diesel?

Why is LPG better than Petrol or Diesel? We all see the cheaper cost of LPG compared to Petrol of Diesel but is it better or cleaner to the environment than Petrol or Diesel. Firstly the simple chemical nature of the LPG fuel ensures that it burns cleaner producing less pollution.

Why Should You Be Bothered About Recycling?

Why should I recycle? There are many different reasons and advantages of recycling old materials to manufacture into new products. Recycling benefits relate to many different areas, some of which could greatly improve the air we breathe and the environment we live in.

What is WEEE?

You may keep coming across the phrase WEEE or keep seeing the small wheelie bin symbol with a cross through it on your electrical products? So what does it all mean & what is WEEE? WEEE stands for Waste Electronic & Electric Equipment which under UK law is now classed as a controlled waste. The […]