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Whatever business you are in you’re obligated by law to dispose of electrical and IT equipment by licenced operators

Whatever business you are involved in you’re obligated by law to dispose of electrical and IT equipment by licenced operators; to tackle the very serious issue of increasing numbers of redundant electrical equipment entering landfill sites and being lost forever, the Waste Electronic & Electric Equipment legislation (WEEE) was introduced in 2007. This legislation places a legal obligation on any commercial enterprise or not for profit organisation to ensure that any electrical equipment being discarded is done so by a licenced waste disposal operator and/or recycling operator.

The legislation strictly precludes the disposal of any electrical equipment in to landfill and where possible any equipment should be recycled. Electrical equipment contains many toxic substances and elements including but not limited to lead, mercury, cadmium, bromine and arsenic to mention just a few examples. Some six and a half million tonnes of electrical equipment which was dumped in landfill sites in the latest year for which there are figures available, and this figure is predicted to rise to some fifteen million tonnes by 2015. The legislation was enacted as a means to an end and a proactive solution for reducing these figures and for future protection of the environment.

Heavy metals and toxic waste have a nasty habit of leaching into ground water supplies and in areas of the world where there is little if any legislation or policing of toxic waste, serious issues regarding deformed infants at birth, increased cancer rates, cardio vascular issues and many other health related issues are being reported Indeed, not only are humans suffering but animal and bird life is severely disrupted as is the entire local food chain and environment.

Business owners and management teams have a duty of care to ensure any electrical waste generated is disposed of safely and securely; any hint of non compliance can and frequently does result in fines and other punishment being handed down by the courts. Ensure your compliance with the law and engage the services of a licenced operator for your electrical waste disposal and recycling issues and keep one step ahead of the legislation and help maintain a cleaner, greener environment for future generations.

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