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What’s Best? LPG, Petrol or Diesel?

Why is LPG better than Petrol or Diesel?

We all see the cheaper cost of LPG compared to Petrol of Diesel but is it better or cleaner to the environment than Petrol or Diesel.

Firstly the simple chemical nature of the LPG fuel ensures that it burns cleaner producing less pollution.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, often called autogas when used to as a vehicle fuel, is made up of propane and butane.

It is a by-product of oil extraction and refining operations, particularly when using North Sea ‘wet’ crude.

Consequently, the UK has an abundant supply. Currently the UK exports LPG and imports petrol

LPG has the potential to make a huge difference to local air quality, particularly in urban areas where poor air quality is directly attributed to Petrol or Diesel engines

LPG produces 33% less CO2 emissions than petrol and 45% less CO2 than diesel. LPG vehicles produce up to 82% less Nitrogen Oxide pollutants than petrol and 99% better than diesel ! 63% less Carbon Monoxide. 40% less Hydrocarbons than petrol and 70% less than diesel. 50% less particulates than petrol and 98% less than diesel.

Secondly, it is produced as a by-product of oil extraction and refining operations. The UK produces a surplus of millions of tonnes each year, LPG is by far the most valuable use for it.

LPG burns cleaner than petrol.

This means less emissions out of the exhaust and less carbon deposits in the engine.

These deposits are very abrasive and can contribute to engine breakdowns.

The oil and spark plugs will also last longer due to less wear and tear.

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